A Brand Design Agency Transforms Your Company’s Goals and Image

marketingA major activity for business people is the improvement of their specific brand. Your brand is your certification to your customer that you will be staying and will be respectable. A branding agency guarantees that your key message is conveyed obviously. It additionally creates an enthusiastic association with your clients and drives the consumer to buy your stock. A company like REDPILL could help with similar goals but using difference services such as video & influencer marketing. It additionally serves to make a memory for the buyer. Brands are crucial, and a fabulous brand design agency like Mccann & Co ought to be contracted to offer the business visionary some assistance with developing the brand. Continue reading to realize a few principles of making any significant changes which are talked about beneath


The main ingredient in creating the brand is quality. Business people know they have the best item. It is important this key message gets conveyed to the client. One of the ways this is effectively done is through brilliant leaflet design. Branding agencies have many methods for designing a pamphlet designed to communicate the nature of the item or administration.


The second component in developing the brand is without a doubt situation. Positioning is basic as it delivers the enthusiastic attach to the item for the client. It is made by many components, for example, the brand name, the logo, and the gauges of the company, the item ensures, the packaging and the conveyance strategy. A business with a solid brand will mix the same thoughts by means of all components of their business. Therefore, a brand design agency must be arranged to work with the business proprietor to set up the company’s positioning.

Adjusted communication

The third component in generating the brand is adjusted communication. For the new business, the first test is to get the company brand built up in the minds of the intended interest group. After the brand has been made, the brand must be utilized to assemble the company’s character. A decent brand design agency ought to be settled on account of this concept. Once in a while, this must even be finished by sacrificing transient benefit.


The fourth component in creating a brand name is validity. If you maintain a business, you should give a fabulous administration or item which people are prepared to pay cash for. So – believability, quality, positioning and communication all have influence in the improvement of your brand.

Simplify Your Company’s Goal

Many company officials think it’s a smart thought to add to an extremely involved back-story to run with your company’s item or administration. Regularly however, it’s a great deal more compelling to keep it basic and clarify advantages in close to a few sentences. Truth be told, while working with a brand design agency, you might find there are a few distracting things diluting the force of your company’s message. Be concise to maintain a strategic distance from confusion among clients.

Position yourself as ready to address an issue

Transforming your image doesn’t generally require offering different items. At times, achievement may be found through reminding clients how your offerings can make life simpler. Whether you give snappy feast thoughts to occupied families or a kind of auto that uses fuel proficiently remain mindful of general needs. At that point, chat with a brand design agency about how your company can make messaging and tell groups of onlookers how your items or administrations are useful.

Design agencies can prompt on with every one of the perspectives – including sharp handout design to make a record which gives customers all the information they are looking for, and a great deal more. Begin your examination and consider choosing a branding agency now.

The Process Of Leaflet Distribution and its Effectiveness

Leaflets1-1024x434Leaflet distribution is a traditional mode of advertising and has always been effective for businesses across the world. After making a catchy copy and an attractive leaflet, there is no reason for this method to fail. Whether it’s a big business or a small one, whether a company is introducing a product or offering discounts, distribution of leaflets has always been an effective method for reaching out to mass audiences as well as small groups.

The reason this method is effective is because it allows a company plenty of room to be creative and capture the interest of the audience. From the design of the leaflet to the message that it delivers, there are endless possibilities to make it interesting and catchy. Unlike newspaper or magazine advertisements where you have limited space, a leaflet can be single-sided, double-sided or in the form of a brochure giving out detailed information about your business or offer.

Another reason leaflet distribution is considered a preferable choice is because producing leaflets is comparatively much cheaper than placing an ad in a magazine or newspaper, or buying TV or radio airtime.

Process of leaflet distribution

The method of leaflet distribution Clacton is simple yet requires proper planning. A delivery campaign that is not reasonably planned might not return the desired result and lead to disappointments. A leaflet distribution company will first provide the client with the number of letter boxes in every town of the city where it delivers and helps you estimate the number of leaflets to print. Once the task is assigned to the company, they can collect the printed leaflets from the warehouse before setting out to deliver them.

The company will always ask the clients about the specific areas to deliver the leaflets to. Reliable companies will also provide you with the response they receive after the completion of their door-to-door delivery service. In this manner, one can assess whether their leaflets have reached their targeted areas or if there is a need to choose more areas for distribution. However, it is important to find a company that can carry out these tasks effectively so that your investment is not wasted and you reap benefits from this marketing technique.

Why Leave Search Engine Optimisation To Professionals

seoCompanies are now utilising technology and internet to provide a marketing alternative and boost profits. Online marketing allows companies to keep an edge over the tough competition in any industry. And when it comes to running an online marketing campaign, search engine optimisation is a vital part of the success. Though there are a lot of SEO articles found all over the internet, search engine optimisation is not as easy as one would think. In fact, search engine optimisation requires a perfect balance of all the different aspects to maximise the results of online marketing. Being that important, it is the obvious choice to acquire the services of an expert on SEO. Here are the reasons why it is better to leave the search engine optimisation to professionals.

  1. Efficiency – SEO experts have already acquired a huge amount of experience in running an online marketing campaign including SEO. They do not need to start from the basics making it possible for SEO professionals to start SEO right away and expect positive results.
  2. Flexibility – Search engine algorithms change frequently. The strategies which are effective the previous month might not be effective in the next. Amateurs will take their time to determine the new algorithms while SEO experts constantly monitor search engine algorithms and quickly adapt as soon as the changes are made.
  3. Spacing – Online marketing campaigns including search engine optimisation are not a short-term endeavor. It will require a few months to get results and at least a year to achieve a stable search engine ranking. SEO experts can effectively space the campaign to make it natural and won’t get penalised by major search engines.
  4. Long-term – Since online marketing is a long-term campaign, SEO professionals can effectively create a timeline which they predict achievable results that companies can expect as the marketing campaign runs its course.
  5. Management – Managing an online marketing campaign and search engine optimisation will require some time and effort. By hiring an SEO expert, you do not need to allocate some of the human resources of the company to manage the campaign. This allows the company to focus on production and core business operation.
  6. Low-Cost – The services of an SEO expert is not expensive. With thousands of SEO freelancers and agencies available online like SEOHampshire.biz, you can definitely find an SEO expert that offers affordable yet quality services. The cost is definitely lower than other marketing campaigns available for your company.

So when you decide to expand your business and start an online marketing campaign, make sure to look for the assistance of a search engine optimisation organisation to get the best results efficiently.

What SEO is now?

A year on since Neil Patels infographic (see below)  and how SEO has changed? Well, Google have been rolling out a series of updates this year.

Mobilegeddon being by far the biggest (in terms of press) reaching national news, it was a real turning point this year and focusing mainly small business owners to get their website mobile ready ahead of their update in May 2015.

There’s been numerous changes throughout the year, we’ll bring a roundup post at the end of the year.

Thanks to SurreySEO’s for the post.

What SEO Used To Be Versus What SEO Is Now

Four Reasons Why You Should Use Infographic in Marketing

In the age of big data, marketers have realised that there must be an easier way to connect to readers and customers without encumbering them with a lot of words. This need paved the way for the infographic—a combination of picture and data.

An infographic simplifies a very complicated subject or turns a boring subject into something interesting. Today, adding an infographic design to your website makes it more captivating more effective in communicating your thoughts, most especially so in driving sales. But how does it help you in your marketing goals?

Infographics are More “Readable”

An infographic has 30 times higher likelihood to be read than text. Based on research, 40% of people respond better to something that is visual than text. Since infographics are made to be colorful and organised in a structure that makes the message easy to understand, people are more likely to engage themselves in this manner than to read text. In fact, research suggests that those who used infographics increased their sales by as much as 12%.

Infographics are Concise

The main gist in creating an infographic is to make it focused. The marketing campaign should narrow down the key features of your product and how this will benefit your audience. Since 90% of the information transmitted and retained in the brain is visual, an infographic is a great marketing strategy to filter out unnecessary components of your advertisement and only leave that the things that add value to your consumers.

Infographics are Not Boring

Reading heavy text can make people doze off. Once this happens, the potential consumer will totally neglect your page and look for something that looks better. An infographic prevents the reader from turning away. By using shapes, pictures, and colors with data, a seemingly boring proposition becomes lively and interesting. When the boredom is gone, it is easier for you to captivate your audience with your sales pitch and therefore make a sale.

Infographics are Easily Shared

There is nothing more precious in marketing than organic advertisement. Having the right infographic is like hitting the nail on the head. You do not have to spend a lot of money in marketing because the people will share your message for free. And as we all know, a shared message is much more powerful because it has credibility. A friend who shared your product will do better in convincing his friends to buy your product than your average advertising campaign.

4 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Marketing

We all know how useful Facebook is in growing our businesses because of its immense customer database. Signing up for an account should be easy, but using it appropriately for marketing is an entirely different story. Somewhere at the back of your mind you are hoping for a guide on how to get this done. Well, you are in luck because we here at Casoli have consolidated the four best practices for Facebook marketing.

The 80-20 Rule

Based on the Pareto concept, this rule suggests that 80% of your content and posts should be social in nature and the remaining 20% are relevant to your products and services. You must avoid putting too much advertisement because constant bombardment of your services, promotions, and sales pitches will drive your followers away. What you are trying to do here is to connect emotionally with your followers and view them as people, not just potential sales.

Quick Turnaround time

Whenever someone posts on your page and the post requires a response, make sure you reply within an hour. If this is not possible, see to it that you respond in no more than 24 hours. Never ignore customers no matter how mundane or obvious their questions are. Even negative statements about your business should be addressed.

Less is Better

Studies have shown that posts lesser than 80 characters, not including spaces, generate 66% more engagement actions than longer posts. People are likely to act quickly on short posts because it is easier to assimilate. Long posts are a drag and many fans hide theses posts from their timelines. To do this, post pictures and put a short caption to go with it.

Be 100% Organic

Organic growth refers to an increase of your followers’ headcount through word of mouth. It means that you grow your followers naturally, without the intervention of promotions. Buying Likes will only give you fake fans. These fans who are paid will not be as engaged compared to those who voluntarily liked your page.

How Important Is Anchor Text In Today’s SEO World?

Anchor text plays a very important role in search engine optimisation. It can drastically improve your search engine rankings for a particular set of keywords, but can also get you penalised all together. Controlling a backlink profile’s anchor text is a very important skill that an SEO needs to learn.

Back in 2007, if you built 500 links all with the same anchor text, you would be greatly rewarded for those links for your particular search phrase. As time has gone on, Google has become smarter and can spot things much easier than before. Google do this with a mathematical formula called an algorithm. Anchor text plays an important role in this algorithm as it takes the physical words that make up a backlink to another website as a ‘vote’ towards that website. For instance, if your website was about your chiropractic centre, it would make sense for links to be coming into your website with text links that say things such as ‘chiropractor’, ‘local chiropractic’ and so forth.

As an SEO it is your job to make sure that the links you build to websites make sense, but do not look spammy or over-optimised. Hugh Thomas, an SEO in Cardiff says: “Repetition of link text may have worked back in 2007, but not in today’s ever changing world. The backlink profile as a whole will determine how your site is perceived in Google’s eyes and in doing so they look for signs of trust, quality, and authenticity. It is important to make sure that all links built to a website comply with all of those traits. Gone are the days of sending out 20,000 blog comment links through Scrapebox in order to increase a website’s rankings. In are the days of creating high quality, authoritative links from reliable websites which are also relevant.”

Take a website about basketball, it may not relate to a chiropractor directly but it sure does indirectly. Sports and injuries go hand in hand and getting a link from a local sports team to your chiropractic website would make sense. Now getting a link from say a locksmith site wouldn’t make sense at all. In doing so, alarm bells will be raised and your efforts to manipulate the search engine rankings will suffer. There is no point trying to find the next loophole, it is much more important to just do things ethically and properly from the start.

General Introduction on How to Market Your Business Using SEO and PPC

Whenever people type key words or phrases on a search engine like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, these machines crawl the entire Internet and show the most relevant results. Among thousands of websites that have these keywords, it is the engine’s responsibility to only show, in a ranked order, the most relevant to what the user is searching for.

The search engine does not know what the user is exactly looking for. It can be a sales site, an article, a video, and so on. This means the keywords are important because users type it during the search and these are all integral for the search engine to give the desired websites. As a businessman, you want these search engines to display your website on the first page, at least, if not on top. You can do this by maximising Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC).

Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Before starting, you need to make sure that you know what key words or phrases are usually searched by people in relation to your business, Bulldog – UK SEO agency enforce this on their main pages, keyword research is very important! After which, you have to ensure that your website has valuable and relevant content. Search engines have algorithms or programs that can detect if your website is full of spam. This means that you should only upload high quality articles that contain valuable materials that your readers will find helpful. Always remember that content is king, so your articles have to be well written and unique.

Checkout Bulldog’s video below.

To add value to this, make sure that you network on back-linking. A back link is a link on another website, which, when a person clicks, takes him to your website. The key here is that the word on the back link should not be your web address. Instead, the reference website behind that word (the link) is your website. For example, the phrase in an article that you publish is “five bicycle tips.” If the web surfer clicks on that phrase, it should take the user to your website. If content is king, back link is queen. This entails that you need to publish high quality content articles in many popular websites which has a link directly to your site.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click marketing was introduced in 2002 and it is essentially a marketing tool that allows companies to advertise in other people’s websites. The website owner is paid for every click of the advertisement, which takes the user to your website. Basically, this is a type of advertising that requires an action. The general form of advertising is to show one’s product or company on any space and the company pays for it. PPC, however, requires that a web surfer actually clicks on the advertisement. All you have to do to take advantage of this is to post an advertisement on someone else’s website with a PPC arrangement.

The good thing about Pay Per Click marketing is that people who click the advertisements are not random consumers. To begin with, consumers are on a specific website to look for a specific item. This means that they are really looking for that specific product. If Brand X pays £0.25 for each click, this means he will pay only £2500.00 for every 10,000 clicks (only from unique clicks). These 10,000 people who visited the website has the very purpose of buying the item, which means there is much potential to have a sale.

5 Lessons for Young Entrepreneurs

With unemployment consistently on the rise, especially in the youth sector, it is not a bad idea for young people to put up their own businesses instead of waiting for the results of their job applications. However, putting up a business is a monumental challenge in an equally challenged economy. Peter Day, a renowned presenter of Radio 4’s Business, shares valuable lessons he learned from interviews with young entrepreneurs, a knowledge that he has accumulated over many years of interviewing successful young people who managed to turn the odds in their favor.


As successful businessmen would always say, there is no real right time to put up a business. Whether it is recession or the country is in an economic boom, businesses are risky. However, their ideas were focused on a specific niche and specialization and this is how they managed to shrug off their doubts.

The benefit of starting a business in a downward economy is the fact that the economy is due for a rebound. Recession is always temporary and putting up a business during this period gives you the opportunity to buy materials at a bargain. As the economic outlook becomes better, so will your business.


One pitfall that many young start-up entrepreneurs make is that they focus on the academic side of things. They conduct a lot of research with the sole purpose of identifying what to sell. This is a very clever way to approach things, but this almost does not improve your chance for success. The advice of experts is to start looking at things that you need. If you have necessities that nobody can properly address, you might as well step up on the opportunity and close this consumer gap.


A computer is a simple, yet very powerful tool to launch a business. It can edit movies, edit songs, develop software, run accounting, and so on. A computer, coupled with the Internet, opens a huge door of opportunity for you. It allows you to collaborate with people around the world at almost no cost. Your laptop can connect you to thousands of employers who need somebody to get things done remotely. With a clever approach in online marketing, you can significantly boost your presence in the web.

Lesson 4: CASH IS KING

As all businesses need capital, you need an adequate amount of cash to start-up. It is not wise to start a business on 100% debt because this liability will eat away at your profits. Besides, a bank loan is close to impossible because you have no business history. It will be risky to borrow on collateral considering that you have no proven history of business success yet.

Lesson 5: Hire the Right People

Once your business is up and running, it’s crucial you hire the right people. Make sure you run a CRB check on all interviewees if you intend to hire them. You can do this check via Clear Check. They are a highly recommended and reputable company who provide in-depth background checks on potential employees.

4 Fun and Effective Offline Marketing Gimmicks

There was a time when you’d get recommendations to try online marketing tactics if you want to do something that is out of the box. The marketing world has changed. Many marketers stick with the online schemes that they often tend to forget the offline marketing tactics that can boost their sales even more.

There are so many forgotten offline marketing gimmicks that you ought to try if you are serious about attracting more people and drawing in more profit for your business. You can do these promos without forgetting about your online schemes. It is a good combination that you have captured the Internet users and those who quickly ignore ads when they surf the Web.

These are the top four offline marketing promotions that can help in giving your business and sales the needed boost.

  1. Business cards. When was the last time that you had a batch of business cards printed? The card is no longer as popular as before when it comes to spreading a person’s business name and contact details. It is time to use this tool as if you live in the days before the Internet boom.
  • Pin your business card on a public bulletin board.
  • Read books that are related to your business in the library, while using your cards as bookmarks. Return the books without getting the cards.
  1. Give away your products as prizes or donations or things that contain your product labels.
  • You can give away gift certificates that offer a limited time period for the winners to avail of your services.
  • You can provide free services to certain organizations and in return, they will include your business name on their press releases, online publications and newsletters.
  1. Grab every opportunity that is given to you to speak at various events. Forget about the butterflies in your stomach. Speaking at events will allow you to share your vision, build brand awareness and meet new potential clients. Choose the events that are related to what your business is about.
  2. Get creative in doing offline guerrilla marketing schemes.
  • Do you have a talent in the arts? Create something that promotes your business in anything that you can get your hands on, like sticky notes, pieces of paper, boxes and more. Leave your work in random places.
  • Go to the bank and use a pen that contains your brand in filling out the forms. Leave the pen.
  • Stroll in the mall with your friends. Coordinate that all of you must wear shirts that are printed with your business logo.

Doing offline marketing tactics is fun and you will see instant reactions from those who have seen your ploys.


Three Top-Secret Hacks for Content Marketing Growth

The following tips can help you develop a strategy that will give you the most positive results in relation to your content marketing efforts. From time to time, whether you are working at a focused pace or just coasting along, you are likely to find an invaluable gem of knowledge along the way. This is no different from the content marketing industry. In my years of experience, I have learned that there are various hacks into content marketing, which we will look further into as we go along.

If you ever had a blog post that has been significantly driving organic traffic to your site, then you need to capitalize on this opportunity. Expand the page into a fully built page. What this will do is increase the overall relevance of the blog post and help yield a higher number of visitors. You can do this by adding videos, instructional content, commenting section, and more. In addition, you can add call-to-action advertisements and placements on that same page.

Collaboration yields high benefits to you and all you have to do is to work with the industry experts. Do this on a regular basis and you will find that there are many companies that will collaborate with you for free or on a complimentary basis. You scratch my back and I scratch yours. One important thing to consider is to work with experts who have a reputable social following—people who have the same interests as yours.

The usual flow is for a potential customer to read your blog, click a link, get to a landing page, and fill out forms. If you can make this process easier, you are practically giving your visitors an effortless experience. HubSpot conducted an experiment in which they replaced a call-to-action page with a landing page module that included the content offer and form to fill out. The result was amazing. It resulted to a four times increase in lead conversion! The shorter the process, the easier sales is done.

Now, you also have to keep in mind that you need to give new life to old content. Some of your contents maybe published five years ago or older. Make sure that these are updated so search engines can index them appropriately. Old content that had a lot of shares and high popularity will go back to the limelight if updated regularly.

The Time Stamp

It is most likely that only 10% of your Twitter followers are logged in. This means that only 10% is going to see your new posts. You have to use time to your advantage by sharing content only when there are more followers logged in. Identify three to five peak times when most of your followers are online. Only then should you release a post.

Top Five Tips to Market Small Business Websites

Small business owners are usually overwhelmed, and thus struggle, to manage their websites. The task seemingly does not have an end. This article is intended to deliver a short but very useful starter guide for small business owners who have little time for website upkeep. Basically, it only requires a few simple things to make your website a successful one in the online world.
It has been said time and again that content is king. All search engines have computer programs that scour the entire Internet for relevant content. In the past years, these systems have become smarter and they now ignore metatags. More importantly, you may fool the robots but you cannot fool humans. Anyone who stumbles on your site and finds the content lacking or meaningless will never go back and will never recommend your site to anyone. Make sure you offer relevant content that will make them go back for more.

A lot of content is good but if you do not load new ones regularly, the search engines are likely to put you lower on the list. Fresh contents are tracked by search engines and are indexed. They know if your content is three years old. The fresher the content, the better. This is especially so because in the age of information, newer is always tantamount to being more accurate.
Do not attempt to fool the search engines. There are many people out there who will try to convince you with high technology tricks, guaranteeing that your site will be on top of the list. This is always bound to fail. Once the search engines make a decision that your site is attempting to beat the system, your rank will suffer and you will lose your hard work.

Links, like content, must be relevant. And this pertains to both links coming in or out. Before linking somebody, make sure that his content is related to yours and vice versa. If the search engines find out that several of your links are irrelevant, your ranking will drop. Make sure that you maximize linking by spreading relevant links all across your website, in all pages, with the provision that these links are specific to the topic at hand.
Both search engines and people want an organized website. Your site must be user-friendly, organized, and easy to the eyes. Make sure that you have specific categories for general information that people want to find about you or your service.

This refers to providing ease of use to people who have disabilities. The Website Accessibility Initiative or WAI provides a complete guideline to get this done.
Websites that are well coded perform better because it is more accessible by different browsers. Tell your designer that you want your website to be compliant to the World Wide Web Consortium standards.

A good choice of domain name will have an impact to your website’s performance. Using your name will not be a good idea if it does not represent your product. Use a domain name that is relevant to the content of your website because it is easier for search engines to index your site this way.
Your website is like a magazine. A bad design shoos people away. People will go away quickly if they do not like the colors, the interface, and the overall user experience. Make sure you only use ALL CAPS where necessary. Use the right background and text color, font size, etc… Images will also play a key to your success. A website that is purely text is boring and does not encourage positive response from viewers. Keep pictures in key areas to keep the site interesting and colorful.