Four Reasons Why You Should Use Infographic in Marketing

In the age of big data, marketers have realised that there must be an easier way to connect to readers and customers without encumbering them with a lot of words. This need paved the way for the infographic—a combination of picture and data.

An infographic simplifies a very complicated subject or turns a boring subject into something interesting. Today, adding an infographic design to your website makes it more captivating more effective in communicating your thoughts, most especially so in driving sales. But how does it help you in your marketing goals?

Infographics are More “Readable”

An infographic has 30 times higher likelihood to be read than text. Based on research, 40% of people respond better to something that is visual than text. Since infographics are made to be colorful and organised in a structure that makes the message easy to understand, people are more likely to engage themselves in this manner than to read text. In fact, research suggests that those who used infographics increased their sales by as much as 12%.

Infographics are Concise

The main gist in creating an infographic is to make it focused. The marketing campaign should narrow down the key features of your product and how this will benefit your audience. Since 90% of the information transmitted and retained in the brain is visual, an infographic is a great marketing strategy to filter out unnecessary components of your advertisement and only leave that the things that add value to your consumers.

Infographics are Not Boring

Reading heavy text can make people doze off. Once this happens, the potential consumer will totally neglect your page and look for something that looks better. An infographic prevents the reader from turning away. By using shapes, pictures, and colors with data, a seemingly boring proposition becomes lively and interesting. When the boredom is gone, it is easier for you to captivate your audience with your sales pitch and therefore make a sale.

Infographics are Easily Shared

There is nothing more precious in marketing than organic advertisement. Having the right infographic is like hitting the nail on the head. You do not have to spend a lot of money in marketing because the people will share your message for free. And as we all know, a shared message is much more powerful because it has credibility. A friend who shared your product will do better in convincing his friends to buy your product than your average advertising campaign.