4 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Marketing

We all know how useful Facebook is in growing our businesses because of its immense customer database. Signing up for an account should be easy, but using it appropriately for marketing is an entirely different story. Somewhere at the back of your mind you are hoping for a guide on how to get this done. Well, you are in luck because we here at Casoli have consolidated the four best practices for Facebook marketing.

The 80-20 Rule

Based on the Pareto concept, this rule suggests that 80% of your content and posts should be social in nature and the remaining 20% are relevant to your products and services. You must avoid putting too much advertisement because constant bombardment of your services, promotions, and sales pitches will drive your followers away. What you are trying to do here is to connect emotionally with your followers and view them as people, not just potential sales.

Quick Turnaround time

Whenever someone posts on your page and the post requires a response, make sure you reply within an hour. If this is not possible, see to it that you respond in no more than 24 hours. Never ignore customers no matter how mundane or obvious their questions are. Even negative statements about your business should be addressed.

Less is Better

Studies have shown that posts lesser than 80 characters, not including spaces, generate 66% more engagement actions than longer posts. People are likely to act quickly on short posts because it is easier to assimilate. Long posts are a drag and many fans hide theses posts from their timelines. To do this, post pictures and put a short caption to go with it.

Be 100% Organic

Organic growth refers to an increase of your followers’ headcount through word of mouth. It means that you grow your followers naturally, without the intervention of promotions. Buying Likes will only give you fake fans. These fans who are paid will not be as engaged compared to those who voluntarily liked your page.